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Booty – A Novel

It doesn’t take a genius to find this pirate treasure.

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Sullivan “Spook” Smiley, a vicious post-Revolutionary War pirate, amassed a treasure worth tens of millions of dollars through the early 19th Century, and then vanished. His treasure never surfaced, and neither did any clues to where it might be. Until now. 

Short Stories

Lunch Break – A Shawn MacIntosh story

When a low-level crook steals the wrong backpack from a pickup truck in downtown Portland, Maine, it leads fixer Shawn MacIntosh on a race against time to recover its contents in order to save his sister’s life and prevent a mob war. The story was featured in the 2017 edition of Level Best Books’s “Best New England Crime Stories” anthology. Find it on Amazon here.


Landfall: Best New England Crime Stories 2018

Featuring Travis’s story, “Priceless”

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Snowbound: Best New England Crime Stories 2017

Featuring Travis’s story, “Lunch Break”

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From the Depths Anthology, 2016

Featuring Travis’s Story, “Carver Farm”

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